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Exhibitor Fields



- Federations, delegations, associations, and riding clubs

- Horse owners and horse breeding farmers

- Technical and engineering companies in the field of consulting, construction and commissioning of farms, club, stables, manege, horse shoeing, and racing and horse riding tracks

- Farm equipment manufacturers, clubs, stables, manege, hanging and hiking and horseback riding tracks

- Horse buy and sale agencies

- Horse Veterinary Clinics

- Horse breeding clinics

- horse food and medicine manufacturers 

- Horse training and maintenance equipment manufacturers

- Manufacturers of equipment and accessories for riding and polo

- Manufacturers and suppliers of transport equipment and services (horse trailers)

- Manufacturers of textile and leather-related products for horse and riding

- Producers and perpetrators of veterinary equipment sales

- Industries and galleries of visual arts and decorative arts (Handicrafts) related to horses and Domestic animals 

- Travel agencies and horse riding agencies

- Insurance service providers

- Press and publications

- Banks, credit institutions and insurance companies







- Manufacturers of machinery for the production of ornamental fish and aquarium equipment

- Producers and suppliers of seafood

- Producers of aquatic food and aquatic food supplement

- Producers and suppliers of water purification equipment and devices

- Breeding algae

- Packaging industry

- Presentation and veterinary services and pharmaceutical health

- Organizations, institutions and related press

- The electronic market for aquaculture products





- Animal photography studio

- Hairdresser's

- Laboratory

- Medicinal foods and supplements

- Veterinary pharmacies

- Website and publications

- Stores

- Educational and training centers for domestic animals

- Gaming and educational equipment manufacturers

- Hygiene manufacturers

- Pet breeding tools manufacturers

- Animal Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

- Pet (dry)food producers 

- Pet (canned and meat) food producers 

- Animal pension and preservation 

- Veterinary clinics